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Since modern people are increasingly buying high-quality gadgets, which produce special applications, there is an acute issue of online casino for the iPhone and real money islots. Gamblers, regardless of the gambling prohibition, every day becomes more and more. Therefore, gambling establishments are developing and increasing the range of their services. Therefore, you can now play the gambling devices with IOS. The network has a large number of applications designed to play the best islots for money. Users can choose any slot they like, including the well-known Space Wars from NetEnt, Book of Ra from best and well-known providers. Let's consider what the best islots, by means of which you can have a fun time and get an easy profit.

Unfortunately, the regulation of the mobile application market is low. To place an applet on appsrore, the provider must obtain permission to develop new products. If you already have a supporting document, you need to prove the absence of viruses in the code. Therefore, only proven programs should be installed on the phone, otherwise attackers will have access not only to personal data of the user, but also to finance. To download the best real money islots for iPhone and not get caught up in the tricks of fraudsters, you need:

  • find out by means of 4PDA about the reliability of the chosen provider, and then download the application;
  • upload content provided only by official developers;
  • check club certification;
  • search for the necessary information on the specialized forums where you can read reviews.

Often, fraudsters create a new gaming club, which exactly repeats the design of a licensed resource, and changes the settings of the islots so that it is impossible to receive prize payouts. After collecting the required number of deposits, the site simply closes.

Experts recommend using the built-in Internet browser Safari, which supports flash-player and allows you to play directly on the official website, without downloading third-party applications. So you can save yourself from deception and rely only on your luck. But, unfortunately, from time to time there are problems with the download speed and spin, by coincidence, is not counted. Although popular licensed casinos claim that due to synchronization with the main server, all information is saved and cannot be lost.

As casino owners seek to expand the flow of customers and get more profit, they are doing everything possible for the convenience of the gamer. Real money casinos for iPhone are no exception. Each brand seeks to promptly offer customers new slots, improve the interface and functionality, as well as present live games and video slots. Otherwise, participants will choose places where all the listed benefits will be provided.

Therefore, the sites developed for iPhone and ipad offer a wide range of islots, the ability to use popular payment systems, and the graphics are regularly improved. In addition, manufacturers use the advanced features of Apple products to their advantage. For example, players will no longer need a stylus, because you can easily control the game with your fingers.

True, the dimensions of the smartphone, and hence the screen resolution, are inferior to tablets, but it is much easier to carry it everywhere with you. The competition for iPhones today consists of only gadgets on Android. It is for iOS and Android developed a large number of mobile entertainment. Therefore, in every popular gambling establishment there is the possibility of playing from an Apple device.

How to Play & Real Money Versions

Despite the fact that in the territories of many countries, gambling is allowed only in special areas, which developers are still not in a hurry to master, fans of poker and blackjack still find an opportunity to meet their needs through an online casino. The owners of the latter, in turn, continue to expand their presence, and more recently, full-featured online casinos are available in the App Store. In the past, all applications for gambling used in-game currency, which can only be purchased through money in an account in the iTunes Store. Apple's policy does not allow transactions in applications in other ways, but experience has shown that this did not become an obstacle for developers.

Recently, islots have begun to appear in the App Store, in which you are invited to complete registration until you enter your plastic card data. After that, the card is connected to the system, and the player gets the opportunity to put at stake quite real money. For many, this fundamentally changes things, because there is no longer any need to waste the excitement: now the opportunity has arisen, by betting real money, to get rich for real. Or to be left with nothing is as lucky as anyone.

Thanks to mobile applications in the App Store, you can now plunge into the world of excitement, and without the need to go somewhere. Simply download the application, register in the system and start the game. Just remember that in everything you need to know when to stop, especially in gambling.

Free Slots

Most popular islots

  • TouchRoulette (Russian Roulette). A unique game for the iPhone, because few people will agree to play a real game, because life is at stake. The essence of the game is that one bullet is charged into the revolver. Players take turns handing a pistol, the drum rotates so that it doesn’t notice where the bullet is. Players take turns putting a revolver to their heads and pulling the trigger. In this game, you can both raise a huge jackpot, and remain without a head (or rather, brains), and in the literal sense. A real game of Russian roulette, no casino, of course, can offer players, because in this game, someone will die. Only with the help of modern technologies we managed to make its analogue - TouchRoulette, which does not require to put real human life at stake. And now TouchRoulette is released on the iOS mobile platform, which is installed on all mobile devices from Apple. At the moment, only TouchRoulette is the safest version of the deadly entertainment, albeit with a virtual, but well-developed and executed gun. TouchRoulette can undoubtedly be proud of its safe advantages as opposed to offline mode analog games. One of the largest developer companies DS MediaLabs has implemented the idea of ​​many players, bringing the deadly game to the screens of mobile devices. The developers themselves believe that by transferring the game to safe mode, they allowed Apple owners to solve a huge number of disputes with your friends, as well as earn some money. Moreover, when resolving conflict situations and disputes, it is not necessary to risk your own life, fearing to be left without brains by the next pressing of the trigger. The TouchRoulette game will meet those who want it very friendly, and it is also free. To start the game, you just need to download the application to your phone. It will not take up much space and when you download from the Internet or a store, you need only about two megabytes of memory;

  • ROULETTE BETTER - an indispensable islots for fans of online roulette. Playing online roulette, for the convenience and ease of gameplay, you can download the assistant for this game, which will bring great benefits. The assistant is a game analyzer - after calculations the program will show the player the most profitable gaming combinations. The game calculates with what chance one or another number will fall out, the program also calculates by taking data from previous games. ROULETTE BETTER allows you not only to have a great free time, but also to learn the game of the roulette without outside help;

  • SLOT-O-RAMA - after spending a couple of hours with this islot, you realize that visiting real casinos is not necessary at all if you don’t want to make some money but just enjoy the game itself. This game of chance completely copied the real gaming machine, only in a reduced form. This machine contains, like many in this genre, a suitable 3D device that allows you to enjoy a sophisticated three-dimensional environment. Bonuses and all sorts of layouts are classic, but the format of the game itself has changed. SLOT-O-RAMA has become somewhat ridiculous and childish, now to win you need to make a suitable combination, and using a huge number of various combinations of ice cream, candy, hot dogs. The game, of course, will give a cheerful mood;

  • HIGH ROLLER - one of most popular islots that allows you to play the mobile version of the bones. The player can play it alone, and can call four more players. Each player is given the opportunity to make up to three bets. Only for the game is allowed to collect up to 13 different combinations. In addition, each combination can be used only once per current distribution. Each of the various combinations has its own value and rank;

  • ASD ROULETTE - allows you to play standard classic roulette. You can check at any time how lucky you are and get a big dose of adrenaline. Sound and colorful graphics will help you transfer yourself to the world of excitement;

  • CLEOPATRA 2.0 - this game is distributed not only in the world of virtual islots, but also exists in many casinos. Before participating there is an opportunity to learn the rules of the game in the mobile version. After studying all the rules of the game, you can go to an online casino, but remember that access is allowed to players with age only from the 21st year;

  • SLOTJAPAN - the game copies the slot machine “Pachislo”. It is quite well developed, allowing you to feel yourself in a real Japanese casino;

  • 21 PRO: BLACKJACK - the most popular gaming device for playing classic blackjack. This game from islots deserves attention from both beginners and professionals in the card game blackjack. The graphics are realistic to the maximum. All the features and functions of classic blackjack. For beginners, there is the possibility of playing with card counting. The game has a split into levels, after passing one you will go to the next step, where you will meet a more serious opponent;

  • CRAPS DELUXE - brings players closer to the world of casinos and real gambling entertainment. This application is a classic dice game. Physics in the game is implemented with sufficient care, here you can see the flight of the cubes, with the observance of the trajectory, excellent graphics and a soft voice, commenting on the background;

  • CARD COUNTING is a blackjack. These i slots allow you to learn how to make the right bets on your iPhone. The CARD COUNTING allows you to find the right tactic for the game that is best for you. Among Apple users, the game has earned tremendous popularity, because of its capabilities, the player gets invaluable experience that will help him in playing in offline and online casinos for money;

  • BLACKJACK MULTI-HAND is a super opportunity to increase your skill playing classic blackjack. This representative from islots is a kind of simulator for the game. There are everything that offline casinos can provide, even card counting;

  • ORCHARD’S CRAPS - allows you to participate in a standard dice game. Shaking your iPhone a little, you can hear the sound of falling bones on the table, which fall while observing physics;

  • HI-LO / SIC-BO is the oldest Chinese game. Dice and roulette is an unusual but rather attractive combination. The game has a huge variety of all sorts of bets, allowing to obtain large sums of money, albeit unreal. This game of chance is popular not only in China, but also in Australia and in the UK;

  • CARD COUNTER is another popular online blackjack game, allows you to play at twenty-one for virtual money, and, not only by spending it or earning it, but also to reach enormous heights in real casinos. After all, blackjack is won not only by those who play for a long time, but also by those who make deliberate moves and are able to choose the right strategy at the right moment. The game will help you learn when you need to change your game tactics, as well as when you need to change your bet;

  • BLACKJACK WORLD PRO - blackjack, will appeal not only to fans and fans, but also to beginners. Turning on the app, you will be able to visit the best and most popular casinos of the entire globe. These i slots game takes place in virtual casinos, the players have the opportunity to risk any amounts, because the game takes place on a virtual currency;

  • SHO CHIKU - a common for the Japanese market. Thi device from islots application is implemented with a multitude of animations and beautiful lights inherent in this nation. If you have questions about the game, a library of answers, complete instructions and explanations for them is implemented.

When gambling on your phone, you should choose the best among a huge number of i slots. Gambling on the phone allows you to play the most popular entertainment without spending money and time on trips to real casinos.

Bonus Rounds

Along with the traditional bonus options, i-slots providers are increasingly adding unique slots to the slots, which are focused on the plot or theme, and also have interactive features, where participants are given the opportunity to directly interact with the gameplay. Interactive bonus games are often used to create i-slots online based on movies, fairy tale characters, or video games.

To go to the bonus game of the machine, participants will need to wait for the activators to drop out, which are the various Scatter, Bonus or Wild symbols. At the same time, such combinations require the fulfillment of certain conditions according to the number of titles and the order of placement of symbols on the playing field. The loss of combinations with these images does not depend on the number of preceding bets or the amount of payment for rotations, however, the launch frequency may differ from the choice of a gaming machine of a certain manufacturer. In some cases, i-slots bonuses may be available on a permanent basis (Gamble), such modes have simplified functionality and much less opportunities to earn extra cash.

The drawing of bonuses absolutely always happens on the basis of chance, and it seems that the player himself determines the outcome of the game by choosing special cells or slot items. Thus, it is pointless to spend time thinking, because the result is determined in advance by the payroll system. According to the same scheme, the amount of winnings for bonuses is determined, but here you should pay attention to the RTP slot data, which is based on the profitability of an online casino or software provider. That is why, when choosing a slot machine with bonus games, first of all you need to pay attention to the characteristics of bonus slot modes, which will in the future be the main source of winnings.

TOP Free Slots

Rules and features

I slots are very popular among players and therefore they are installed in the casino more often than other slots. In common - this is a regular video game, where the drums spin. Some classic slots start after you pull the lever. When certain characters appear on the display in one row - some kind of winning or a bonus game is waiting for you. The secret of attractiveness for players of slot machines in vivid animation, loud thematic music and lighting is very difficult to go by, especially since the bets seem cheap.

For poker fans special i-slots were created by means of which you can play the so-called video poker. There you are waiting for the usual combinations and certain payments on them, the cards will be taken not by the dealer, but by the computer installed in the machine. In recent years, many gambling houses are gradually abandoning such devices, because a skilled player can create tactics that result in a series of victories. There are also electronic versions of roulette, blackjack and bones, but they are not very popular. If you came to the casino, then it is much nicer to play these games with a real dealer, than to watch the changing pictures on the display of the machine. And in terms of drive and entertainment, these "one-armed bandits" are much inferior to standard colorful slots.

Many people like to play the so-called "multiplayer". These i slots include several popular games at once. Now, the client does not have to go from one gambling device to another in order to get acquainted with another exciting game, you can simply select an interesting novelty in the slot menu.

So, there are no rules as such: choose a bet, the number of pay lines and press the "Start" button! Everything else is already done for you. In the popular gambling houses of the world, the percentage of returns of slots reaches 98%. This means that a player can happily spend time on colorful drums without losing the risk of big losses. At the same time, by the institutions themselves, due to the huge bandwidth, it is perfectly possible to make money on these two percent. Trying to create a scheme that will help beat the gaming machine - is meaningless. Here you have to rely solely on Lady Luck! Although cases of "luck" were, only they are connected solely with the failure of the software, and not the talents of the players.

History of islots

Since 2010 Apple represents, one by one, islots designed for Touch Screen monitors. All of them deserve great popularity. Of course, a competent marketing strategy played a role, but at the same time, buyers really speak highly of the reliability, comfort and quality of all three new Apple products - iPhone, iPod and iPad.

If you look at the iPad remotely, then, in essence, it acts as a larger modification of the iPhone, which also has a faster connection and a faster processor. Therefore, it can be considered a more comfortable device for islots games than, say, an iPhone. The only difference and disadvantage will be the absence in some versions of the iPad (iPad Wi-Fi) of a permanent connection to the Internet using a SIM card, so many people prefer the iPad 3G.


The popularity of mobile games does not subside, and very often iOS apps of a gambling nature remain aside, although there is even a separate “Casino” category in the App Store. In the list you can find more than 300 different i-slots, ranging from the usual fool and ending with full-fledged poker applications, with which you can participate in real tournaments and compete with other players from around the world. Almost all gambling applications are allowed to be installed only by adults, so please consider this when reading this article, in which we decided to mark the best and most popular gambling on Apple at the moment.